Vertical position of the Lyrics transport bar

Hi VST Live team,

I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or a bug in the design of the Lyrics transport bar.

The line appears in the vertical center (as I would have expected) of the area dedicated to lyrics in the case of an unmaximized window, while it is drawn, starting from the top, more or less at 1/3 of the area dedicated to lyrics in the case of maximized window.

In my case, the most frequently used feature is the one with the maximized window.

After having prepared a good number of Songs using the Lyrics function and having used this function in rehearsals, I realized that it would be desirable to have the Lyrics transport bar always and in any case vertically centered in the area dedicated to the lyrics.

I await your feedback, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

could you please give us some screenshot about the current behaviour and a screenshot with your wish behaviour? Maybe you could draw a line or something. Then I surely understand your problem. At the moment the transport cursor should stop at 1/3 of the hight of the screen while the timeline of the left will move on.


Hi @Spork ,

first of all, I apologize because, investigating the issue of the aqua transport bar position, I realized that the behavior I denoted occurs only in the (rather rare) transition from maximized to unmaximized window and viceversa: in other words, I think it is of a decidedly negligible incoherent representation.

On the contrary, the current positioning of the aqua transport bar at 1/3 of the area dedicated to lyrics I really think it is desirable to bring it to a 1/2 and I say this after having prepared many lyrics with different BPM and metrics (and hearing the complaints of my singer :slight_smile:).

Wanting to be more precise and with the help of screenshots of the as-is situation:

Thus realizing a to-do scenario:

To further improve the usability of the Lyrics functionality, I would also suggest an approach already used in the Chords functionality that distinguishes the GUI in editing and non-editing state; in practice, if the edit is enabled, the GUI would be (except for the Edit button) the as-is one:

While in the case of disabled edit, it should be impossible to select a lyric and the portion of the interface dedicated to the single lyric properties should be hidden thus recovering space for displaying the lyrics:

I await your feedback on what I hypothesized, thanks! :blush:

Hi @spork,

a kind reminder for my proposal contained in my last reply to this post. :blush:

Do you think it’s something valid and feasible?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

sorry. Here we go …

… sounds like a Preference? β€œ1/3” (Default) and β€œ1/2” and β€œ2/3”. What do you say?

… Oh, yes. Good one.

We are working on a Lock-Control-Feature. You would lock the events with that one.

See you,

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Having the possibility (if I understand correctly) for the user to be able to set the aqua transport bar position among the options [1/3, 1/2, 2/3] as a Preference would be the best, even if I would keep 1/2 as default :blush:

Hi @Spork,

just to know if the idea of being able to customize the position of the aqua transport bar is still alive for you or not. :slight_smile:

As I told you at the time, the position at 1/2 of the area dedicated to lyrics would be desirable to better manage the active text duration.