Vertical positioning of rests in voices/condensing

I’m experiencing some issue with rest positioning when working with voices/condensing.

This is 2 horns, condensed. Why does the last rest in the 3rd bar go up? I would like it to be aligned with the previous rest. The meter is 3/8.
As far as I understand the rest can’t be manually adjusted because this is a condensed staff.

I tried to see if the same effect happened if there were just 2 voices in one staff, not condensed.
The result is the same, but now the rest can be manually adjusted.

This tells me that the issue is in the way Dorico handles the positioning of rests in voices. I can’t seem to find any setting that controls this.

See this post for Daniel’s response to the request to change the vertical positions of rests on condensed staves.

Thanks John!

What I’m trying to understand is why the rests don’t align to begin with

Because the rest positioning algorithm is not perfect. That’s the (not-glib) short answer. Odd positioning can happen in non-condensed staves too (basically, wherever there are multiple voices).