Vertical Satff

Anothe question about layout.
Can I change the vertical distance of staves on different pages with another distance?


You can do all sorts of things and in various ways – can you share a picture or a project that shows what’s prompted this question, so someone here can recommend the most suitable method for that scenario?

I want more distance between the different exercises.
For the moment I only use 1 music frame

If you want a bigger distance between each exercise throughout this layout, change the default flow heading margins for the entire layout. Those dashed green frames are the flow headings.

Yes this is ok for me
In this exemple the 2 last flows are in fact one exercise (in different keys)
There I want less distance but above the “Moderato” exercise I want more distance.

Sorry but my english is not the best . . . :frowning:

That’s OK, just trying to make sure I understand what you’re doing in order to make the best suggestion.

As you want different gaps above/below flow headings on the same page, you could either:

  • Use the Staff Spacing tool to move staves/systems in Engrave mode, including using concertina dragging. The downside to this is you might need to move quite a few staves, and these adjustments can get lost if the page number changes (eg if you insert a title page at the beginning, you might lose all staff spacing adjustments). Note that flow headings are positioned relative to the system, so moving the smaller staff handles won’t also move the flow heading frames.

  • Split the page up into frames, and control the gaps that way (probably 3 music frames: one for the top flow, one for the middle flow, and a third for the bottom two). You can either do this locally on one page, or create a page template so you can easily reuse that arrangement of frames on other pages.

Many many thank’s for that.