Vertical space before first system

What’s the best way of reducing the vertical space before the first system? There’s generally too much space between the top of the music frame and the first system of music. It doesn’t seem to be affected by any of the settings in Layout Options/Vertical spacing. Sure, I can have the top of the music frame overlap the text frame above it, but there must be a more elegant solution, i.e. a setting I’m missing.

In Layout Options > Page Setup, there’s margin settings for the Music Frame, top and bottom.

Thanks. I missed that and I was also confused by the fact that you can change the value in an options field but you have to move the cursor to another field before the change can be accepted. IOW, if I change the values in four fields, leave the cursor in the last of the four fields and press Apply, the value in the last field is returned to the saved default. I don’t find this particularly logical.

Yes, I’ve noticed that, too. I traditionally hit tab after entering any value, then Return.

Also note that you can individually change the “padding” on a frame in the Properties pane when you’re in Engrave mode with Frames turned on.

Useful. Thank you!