Vertical space in frame padding?

In Engrave move, when you click the “Staff Spacing” option, there is a very light blue space between the top edge of the frame and where the top staff line is. Dorico calls this the “padding” of the frame. You can enter an amount you want the padding to be, but what is the default spacing amount?

I ask because I was asked what the exact spacing between the margin and top of the staff is, and I couldn’t give an exact answer.

Thanks for any info

I think you are talking about the music frame margins.

for a solo piano project or a orchestal project (maybe for every project) the default is 14,11mm (top) and 10,58 mm (bottom).

Which equal 40pt and 30pt (exactly - the mm numbers are slightly rounded).

The page margins (just above the music frame margins in the Setup Mode panel) are exactly 42 pt.