Vertical space retained after changing verse number of lyric

I had 3 lines of lyric in a score which I’d laid out with repeat bars, but then decided to write out all the verses in full; so I changed the verse number of verses 2 and 3 so all the lyric was in one line. I now can’t get rid of the excess space below the vocal staff which used to be occupied by the lyric for verses 2 and 3. Any suggestions?

Are you sure that absolutely nothing remains in Verses 2 & 3?

Yes, quite sure.

To be 100% sure: Select All, Filter by Lyrics(All Lyrics) and make sure the property shows Line 1 for the Lyrics.

Thanks, yes I’ve done that.

You need to post the project here, or email/DM it to one of the Steinberg team, to see what’s going on, and whether it is a bug.

Thanks Ben - I’ve emailed Steinberg Support now.

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Oh - if you use email to post to the forum, make sure it doesn’t have your signature with all your details!!!

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