Vertical space

I have a page with 3 small exercises.
Is there a way to make more vertical space between the exercises in one music frame, or do I need to have 3 music frames for doing that ?


Yes, check Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Vertical Justification. Set the percentage in the second box to a low number, like 50% (keep the first box fairly high, like 80%).

Alternatively, you could use the staff spacing tool if you have Pro, and move the staves manually to get the precise distance you want.

Thank’s Dan

The manually moving works better

If you want to share a screenshot, that might help us give more precise advice (the risk of using manual staff spacing overrides being that if the page number changes, those staff spacing changes get lost, e.g. if you add a title page at the start of the layout)

Here my page.
So my question about vertical space. Is there the possibility to make more space between the exercises


In this case, you could show flow headings but edit the flow heading itself so it doesn’t include any tokens (so no text appears) and then adjust the gaps before/after flow headings in Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows to your liking.


How easy

thank’s a lot