Vertical spacing >again<

Experimenting all over the place for me!
That, and asking (sometimes stupid) questions is the way to learn, I hope…
Offcourse I know the Ctrl-Z, use it all the time, and luckily I am not dealing with big orchestral scores of modern music, I deal mainly with only one system, sometimes (with arrangements of Romantic repertoire) dynamics etc, but mostly rather “puristic” scores as Estigy called it.
And now my main concern is that I hope that Estigy is wrong in his thought that these might be a weak-spot of Dorico! Therefore I hope that it will be fixed sooner or later.
But in reality I am mainly a performer not a typesetter, so the other concern for me is the easiest possible legibility of scores and the right page-turning point (as carillonist you use hands and feet, no blue-tooth pedal!) and that is sometimes more important than the perfect-looking-score!