Vertical spacing for Braced staff to braced staff? Instruments - Different spacing options?


I would like my celesta and harp part to contain less spacing than my choir which is also using the Braced staff to braced staff but I notice in Setup mode, that you can only have a global setting for these instruments. I need my choir to have a much larger distance than two of my other braced staff instruments in the score.

Is there any way in perhaps engrave mode where the vertical space can be reduced on a global scale for my celesta and harp part rather than having to manually go through every single page to make the distance smaller which is going to be incredibly time-consuming?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you,

Dear Amanda,
If the instruments don’t change from one page to another (ie same number of staves in the pages) you can copy the staff layout from one page to others. It’s now in Engrave menu. Can be useful in full score, if you don’t hide empty staves…
Hope it helps!

Dear Marc,

Thank you very much for this! I will give this a go and revert!

What happens if you set the distance to suit your Celeste and harp? Dorico’s generally quite good at automatically adding space where it’s needed, as long as you’re not trying to squeeze too much onto each page.