Vertical spacing in an organ system

I cannot figure out how to set the standard vertical spacing in an organ system to 15 mm between right-hand and left-hand staff and 9 mm between left-hand and pedal staff.
Can somebody tell me which settings I have to make to achieve this?

Staff spacing.png

I think you need to make adjustments to the Vertical Spacing category in the Layout Options. Staff to staff and Staff Group to Staff options perhaps?

I tried out several adjustments in this section. But none of them worked for me.


There’s no way to do this using the 3-staff version of the organ at the moment, as all of the staves will be spaced according to the ‘Staff to staff’ value on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options.

But if you use the 2-staff version of the organ and then use a separate instrument for the pedal, you can do it: in the attached score I’ve dumbly used a flute, whose name I have made blank (a space character rather than an empty string), and then set the ‘Staff to staff’ value to 8 3/5 spaces for a gap of 15mm between the manuals staves, and the ‘Staff group to staff’ value to 5 3/20 spaces for a gap between the LH staff and the pedal staff of 9mm. (184 KB)

Thank you, Daniel. This will work for me at the moment.

The publisher I’m working for has house rules for the standard spaces between staves. Not only for the organ system but also for one or more solo instruments above the organ system. So it would be good, if we could preset these standard spaces individually for any staff/player.