Vertical Spacing Issue 2

I have created two documents (see attached), one with a single flow and one with four flows. When I use more than one flow and go onto a second page, the gap above the 1st system on the second page is reduced so that it is crowded. How do I ensure that the top of the first system on subsequent pages is always the same regardless of how many flows I have in my document? Thanks.

Template With Multiple Flows.dorico (478.1 KB)
Template With One Flow.dorico (475.1 KB)

The 2nd page onwards uses a different master page to the first - it’s called the Default master page, and it doesn’t have the text frames at the top that the First does (to show the project title and composer etc).

If you want the top of those pages to be lower, edit the Default master page and bring the top of the music frame downwards.

It’s funny because both have the top of the music frame as 7mm. If I edit this will it be consistent regardless of how many frames I have? Also, will it mean that the flow titles remain at the same distance above the system?

You’re looking at the left/right pages within the Default master page. If you open up the First master page and select the blue music frame, you’ll see it’s 27mm from the top of the page.

Replicating that gap for the Default master page results in this. The top edge of the music frame determines the highest position flow headings can be on a page, and sets the boundaries of where music can appear. Music cannot appear outside of music frames - unless the music frame padding is very low and the music is very high, for example, when high notes might well appear above the top of the music frame.

Template With Multiple Flows_LH.dorico (478.0 KB)

The gaps between flow headings and the music beneath/above them are set by flow heading margins, which is independent of the shape of the music frames they appear in.

Okay. I think I understand. When I tried to edit the music fame as an override it compressed the flow headings but editing the default master page doesn’t seem to do this. Thanks for your help.

Yeah, avoid page overrides, especially if it’s something you’d want to be consistent. Once a page is overridden, all the frames on it get fixed - so Dorico can’t do the normal clever things it does by moving flow headings (which are fundamentally “just frames”) around when the music moves.

Got it. Thanks. Trying to develop my master page so that I can use it for pretty much everything!

Remember you can have any number of master pages, and indeed separate master page sets - don’t feel you have to override pages to avoid editing a master page, when you can create a new master page for those requirements and apply the MP to the relevant pages.

Thanks for all your help Lillie. I am slowly getting to grips with Dorico. I love the software but like most powerful software it requires a lot of time to get to grips with. I am also spending a good deal of time with Affinity Publisher and Designer at the moment so my brain is fried! I really appreciate the fantastic support that you, Daniel and the rest of the team provide. It makes a huge difference to the whole learning experience. Thank you.

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Hello again @Nick_Hollings – in case it’s still helpful, here’s a link to a new page in the v4 manual that outlines different margins with a labelled picture for reference.

Thanks for this Lillie. That terrific.