Vertical spacing issues when changing rest position


When I change the vertical position of a rest, all staves are being compressed until they overlap completely. I’ve created a little movie to show what happens. iCloud link here . Haven’t found this

Have you tried to close and reopen the file, once you’ve performed that change? This kind of visual glitches still do happen, although they’re quite rare and reopening the file usually solves the issue.

Ah thanks! No I haven’t done that. I’ve rebooted both Dorico and my OS a couple of times, but the issue remained. I resetted all appearances and positions of all rests and now I can’t replicate the issue - which is a good thing. Will investigate this further to see when it occurs.

It’s doing it again, just after a couple of bars. Because there’s three voices on the staff, I’ve to change lots of rests.

But I found a workaround. After checking/unchecking the Force position and duration property, the vertical spacing of the staffs has been reset.

If you can reproduce this problem at will, please upload the project so that we can investigate and (hopefully) fix the problem.