Vertical spacing of lyrics

When I add a dynamic (mf) below the system, the lyrics are moved down so that they do not collide with the mf (attachment 1). In Engrave mode I can move the mf closer to the notes. Unfortunately the lyrics will not be moved up although there’s enough space now (attachment 2). Dorico takes the original position of the dynamic for its calculation of the lyrics spacing.

I tried to change some parameters in the engraving options for lyrics, but nothing will bring the lyrics closer to the staff above. Any idea what I can do?


Lyrics spacing 1.png

Lyrics spacing 2.png

If you set the dynamic to have its placement above the staff, then drag it down below the staff you may find that works better.

For one thing, Dorico assumes that dynamics and lyrics will not normally be on the same side of the staff; for another, in order to ensure that the placement of items is consistent and stable even once you start dragging things around in Engrave mode, items won’t “close up” into gaps made by moving other items.

I tried to place the dynamic above the staff. But in my case, there are lyrics above the staff too. So these lyrics will be shifted by the mf.
It seems I have to wait until lyrics can be vertically moved by entering a vertical offset in the properties panel.


vertical lyrics.png
Is there any way to move these lyrics vertically? The bottom line’s are lower than the top line’s.

Not at the moment, aside from changing the default distance away from the staff on the Lyrics page of Engraving Options.

Steve, I notice that there is a difference in the staff spacing between the two. (4 is slightly tighter, which may explain why the lyric is lower.) Did you change one of them?

Thanks musicmaven, that helps. They are very slightly different still, but better. I hadn’t changed the spacing.