Vertical Spacing on fifferent pages


Is it possible to change the vertical spacing for some pages, in Layout options ?


Layout Options apply throughout the layout.

Could you say a bit more about the circumstances you’ve got, or ideally share either a screenshot or project demonstrating them, as there may be various ways of resolving the issue.

The first page is ok
I want somemor space between staves on the 2nd page

Can you show us the Frames (in Engrave mode)? Also the Vertical Justification percentages you’re using in Layout Options?

The Frame is the "default " in the Page templats. I want to use this, so I can use the Flow Headings.

Is the text at the bottom not in a Text Frame? I would reduce the Music Frame’s bottom edge, to be higher than the text. That might cause Justification to kick in. You can still use Flow Headings on the page.

I meant the percentages for Vertical Justification, just below those.