vertical spacing problem

I’ve tried changing every parameter relating to the vertical spacing but I cannot solve the problem you can see in the picture in attachment.
Thank you very much in advance.
Stefano Rabaglia

Do you have any system or frame breaks set? These show up in the menu
View->Signposts->Show Signposts.
If there are any, delete them and see if that helps.

You’ve got too much on the page. Dorico can’t resolve that automatically. Either use a frame break to push the bottom system onto a new page, or do some work manually in Engrave mode to make it work.

To expand on what Leo said: sometimes (although rarely) Dorico gets this wrong: it can place two overlapping systems on a page without you ever having tried to force it to do so.

In those rare cases, the manual adjustments are necessary.

Sorry, I should have just posted Daniel’s perfect explanation:


Thank you all, guys. You’re wonderful.