Vertical spacing problems (rehearsal marks)

I’m trying to deduce the music to fit to one page. Setting a smaller space value in the inter-system gap and a smaller rastral size will fit the fit the music to one page. Due to the Rehearsal Marks the spacing between the staves are uneaven.

What is the best way to fit the music to one page and got the same space between all staves?
Schermafbeelding 2017-05-31 om 13.48.32.png

You have hit upon a problem with the way the vertical system gaps are calculated, which is going to be fixed in Dorico 1.1. Rehearsal marks should not make such a big difference to the vertical spacing as they do, and we have already figured out what to do about this, so this problem won’t trouble you for much longer.

Right now, the only thing you can really do to ensure absolutely even spacing is to look at the values shown in the rulers between each system when editing staff spacing, and add those values up: that gives you the total amount of white space between all of the systems. Divide this by the number of gaps between systems (e.g. if your page has 8 systems, then you have 7 gaps), and you’ll get the value that would give you equal gaps between the systems. Click the measurement control in each gap and enter the value you’ve calculated, and now you’ll have equal gaps.

Unfortunately there’s no good way to automate this at present, but, as I say, it will be much better by default in Dorico 1.1.

I’m glad to hear this is being tweaked.

I have a separate but similar question: while I don’t expect this will be in the next update by any means, is there any chance that we will be able to specify default stave-to-stave and intra-stave spacing values in millimeters in addition to space values? I found a certain odd disconnect when trying to space a score… I had to set the target values in space units, but then adjust staff spacing in millimeters… I knew exactly what millimeter values I would have liked throughout but had no idea how to convert that into space values in the settings dialogue.

In due course we do intend to make it possible to specify quantities that are currently in points in other units like mm and inches, but spaces are a bit different, because the conversion depends on the staff size. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but the values that would work as you expect at one staff size wouldn’t work at any other size.

Fair enough. Glad to hear it just the same. I’m thinking more in terms of once you set your rastral size, you can then set specific ideal values once you see how it all falls on the page within that project. Perhaps mm values wouldn’t be a “save as default” option. I leave it all to you pros! I’m of the type that once I get my size set, I don’t play with it any more, other than to tweak and get all my spacings correct. That said, I hadn’t considered the quagmire created by the difference between specific values and scale-able values… point well taken.