Vertical spacing resets after switching from condensing view

When “condensing” is turned off, I enter engrave mode and set the vertical spacing between staves like so…


Then I return to write mode and everything looks great…


Then I turn on “condensing”, turn off “condensing” and my vertical adjustments are gone…


Since condensing is all about changing vertical spacing, I am not surprised. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a good reason to want what you want, but I’m not surprised the program is written to do what it is doing.

Vertical staff spacing adjustments will be preserved unless the rhythmic position of the start of the system and/or the number of staves in the system changes. When you condense, typically the number of staves in the system will change, so I would expect the vertical spacing adjustments made when the score is not condensed to be removed when condensing is enabled.

I see. In that case I would love a new feature that allows you to view the condensed view temporarily, or even better, allow a condensed view when in galley mode. This is particularly useful for me as a student as I switch back and forth between the written work and the condensed view. I consider the condensed view akin to the galley view in this way. They are both helpful to me while in “work mode” (I understand why I can’t make edits in condensed view, but if you crack that open for simple condensed scores that would be even better!). I often switch the galley view to review passages that cross pages and often switch to the condensed view to better see chord voicings. In the end I have to turn in a formatted score so I am engraving along the way. That’s when I noticed switching to condensed view botches some of my edits. Would love to be able to reference condensed views without losing engraving work.

That may be where your workflow diverges from Dorico’s concept of entering music first (in Galley view?) and then engraving as a final step. Granted, not everyone does this, but you can still wait until after you condense to alter staff spacing in Engrave mode; you can check out condensing on a copy of your file; or most productively, you can examine how setting document spacing parameters makes changing the staff spacing in Engrave mode largely unnecessary.

Yes, as a student I am definitely not skilled enough to use Dorico properly, but it is a good tool so I’m using it anyway :slight_smile:

you can check out condensing on a copy of your file


You could also try viewing the score in two different tabs, one for Galley view and one for Page view. (Of course, this can slow down Dorico considerably when the score gets large).

Or have one full score layout with condensing enabled, and another without.

Great suggestion, this will work really well!