Vertical text adjustment


I am not able to adjust the text vertically: F.E. In a string section I enter a “div.” throgh the abc-Tool. However, the text is Always way to high above the notes. How do I get it closer to the notes? I can pull it horizontally with the mouse, but not vertically.

When I use the Editor to adjust the baseline, the text is cut off down below.

Since the Adjustment of text is an extremely common Task, this should be possible in a fast and easy way.
Am I missing something?


Engrave mode to move it.

If the default position is too high for you, change it in the Engrave menu, Engraving Options / Text.

Thank you for your help.

Changing the default position does not solve it since it often depends on the situation.

Changing to Engrave mode and back is annoyingly complicated, especially since it is pretty slow and the mode change gets you to another position in the piece, so you have to scroll to where you are working. This is absolutely a time killer!

I would strongly vote for enabling this editing in write mode too!


That behavior won’t change because Engrave Mode is for manually moving elements. Write mode does not make manual adjustments to spacing.

I agree the view behavior needs to improve when switching between modes; this has been discussed many times.

That’s why there are two things you can change in the Engraving options: the default distance above the staff if there is nothing else there, and the distance from other objects to avoid a collision if there is something else above the staff (for example note stems, slurs, etc).

It might be useful to attach some pictures of why the default text positioning doesn’t work for you, and what you want to do instead.

Although there are still some unresolved problems in the way the view is maintained in Dorico 2.2, you should find that provided you’re working in page view in both Write and Engrave mode, there’s no jumping around when you switch modes. If you do find that the score jumps, you are probably using one of the “fit…” zoom levels (fit page width, fit whole page, etc.); if so, try typing Alt+Z and reducing the effective zoom level a tiny bit. The score will appear almost exactly the same size in the view, but you should find that it doesn’t have any problems with it jumping to a different page when you change mode. We are still working on this aspect of the software.