Vertical Undo

This goes along with my request for ‘Vertical Markers’… meaning easier ways to navigate ‘up and down’.

One of -the- most common ‘mistakes’ I’ll make is having the Project Synced to the MixConsole.


  1. I’ll be editing MIDI with a MIDI track.

  2. At the same time I move a panner or other object in MixConsole.

  3. And this, of course, moves the selected track vertically to the audio panner for the track for that Channel.


What I want is n ‘Vertical Undo’… a way to instantly put me back on the place I -was- (the previously selected track in the Project Window).

This would be probably as much of a time saver (for me) as MixConsole History. It happens to me a LOT as I use many multi-output VSTis where the audio tracks in the Project Window are often hundreds of tracks down the list from where the MIDI editing happens.

having the Project Synced to the MixConsole

Can you even have the project window track position not synced to the mix console? If so, that’s a new one on me.

But here’s maybe a better alternative than what you suggest: how about browser-like backward and forward navigation buttons to establish the previous track position or return to where you were before doing a go-to-previous-position navigation? It would need to include appropriate scrolling to make the track to which you are re-positioned come into view (or even better, have it remember the visibility layout and restore that exactly). I can actually think of all kinds of scenarios where this might be a real time-saver.

Sure. I toggle back and forth this setting every day.

I created a request on this here:

It started as a fairly trivial request to update the PLE which got treated pretty crappy IMO. But the good news is that it helped me formulate my thinking and what I -really- want is what I’m calling ‘Vertical Markers’. Basically the ability to ‘tag’ certain key tracks and ‘go to’ them instantly without having to fiddle with PLEs or macros.

As an orchestrator, I cannot tell you how much time that would save me in a large ‘score’ (ie. a project with hundreds of tracks) where one is -constantly- zipping up and down all the time.