Vertical Zoom not working with keyboard shortcuts in VariAudio

Bug Cubase 12 - Verticle Zoom not working with keyboard shortcuts

Cubase 12- Windows 10

works for me (Win10 21H2)

EDIT: But it’s Shift-H thanks for the correction, Steffen (@st10ss) !

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Strange, it works with SHIFT on my system.

The commands are written in the menu, for example.

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Vertical Zoom is broken in Sample audio editor. When using Vari audio is unpossible to use keycommands for vertical zooming.
Only side tool under scroolbar is functional with mouse.
Timeline and other editors are OK with zooming for me.

This is basic functionallity so it must be high priority update!
Because of that I went back to C11 for vocal tuning in vari audio.

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Same here, I too went back to 11.

My Mistake in writing Ctrl. Now corrected it in the original post.

Shift +H doesn’t work in 12.

My Mistake in writing Ctrl. Now corrected it in the original post.

Shift +H doesn’t work in 12 sample editor.

Amd which key combo works in sample editor for you?

Confirmed, Vertical zoom doesn’t work in VariAudio. This is hugely disappointing - something I use almost daily.

I think in the sample editor it’s different Key Commands:
“Zoom in on Waveform Vertically” and “Zoom Out of Waveform Vertically”

And when assigning those, they seem to work for me (Win10).


I’ve not been able to make the vertical zoom work in VariAudio either. When in the VariAudio mode, it seems that the Key Command for Vertical Zoom points at the waveform in the Project Window, rather than the Audio Editor.

So maybe the Bug report should probably read something like:

Vertical Zoom Key Commands broken in VariAudio editor (observed on Win10 21H2)

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As mentioned in the title of the post

I can’t find the link to the VariAudio Editor in the title… :question:

@st10ss : It was in the title of my topic before it got merged into this one by the admins, which makes my above sentence seem strange :slight_smile:

Can also confirm SHIFT+H and SHIFT+G is not working with VariAudio. (Windows 11, Cubase 12.0)

I found little workaround for all who use vari audio frequently. When you click the left portion of vertical keyboard in variaudio editor and keep pushin and drag with mouse left - right you actually zooming your events.
What is annoying at most for me is default resolution of audio events after analizing them.
It is to small in 99% of cases, that’s why we all hardly miss this broken keycommands.:sweat:
So I suggest Steinberg to repair this urgently plus add possibillity to set our default starting resolution of analised events.
I hope we all not wait to long😅


also see this detailed info in a similar thread: