Vertical Zoom with Mousewheel+Key

Would Vertical Zoom with Mousewheel+Key improve your workflow?

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Combined with Horizontal Zoom and scroll up/down/left/right (which are all implemented as mousewheel commands), this would let you fly around the project with incredible and consistent ease.

its already there…just hold down control and use the mousewheel

No that’s horizontal zoom. I want to hold Ctrl-Alt (or whatever) and move the mouse-wheel and have the track sizes zoom in/out…like in every DAW including the free Audacity lol. Zipping around a project being able to fully control Horizontal/Vertical Zoom and scrolling Up/Down all with mouse-wheel-with-key commands is HUGE, and frankly kind of unbelievable to be still lacking.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful lol, I immediately bought the 8.0 upgrade! Just, these little incredibly-easy-to-implement things that are still not there in a DAW that dates back to the Atari ST…just frustrating is all.

Vertical zoom plz!

Pressing ctrl/alt would be a better option than having to hover the cursor over the vertical zoom slider to use the mouse wheel to zoom vertically. Also an option to press a different key for finer zoom control (like we had in 7.5) would be beneficial.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I’m really missing vertical zoom using the mouse wheel. It makes no sense having it implemented for horizontal zoom but not for vertical. I use it in Samplitude all the time Alt + Mousewheel vertical zoom and Ctrl+Shift +Mousewheel vertical scroll.

+1. Yes, Alt to get vertical zoom would do the job for me.


A good idea. Although, since buying an Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse I just use the Scroll wheel and I can scroll Vertically. This combined with the CMC-AI for (horizontal scrolling) is killer.

Oh god thank you!
I was so hoping there was a thread about this.
I use Studio One all the time as well and this is my only gripe with Cubase.
Why oh why is there not a vertical zoom with either alt+scroll and ctrl+shift+scroll??

Its actually killing me. I may die without this feature. Bereft of life, pushing up the daisies like an ex parrot.
There must be a hack in the key commands.
I’ve tried but the assign button doesnt recognise the scroll on the mouse. :frowning:

i had to make it in autohotkey. if anyone (PC users) is interested i can share the code / exe and walk you through setting it up (in the coming days). it should be implemented natively however, for obvious reasons…

i made my script for alt+mousewheel vertical scrolling public:

+1 ! Very unconvenient not to have this.

Yeah, it will be much comfortable for me if Steinberg will add this simple option. It will be even better if we can choose modifiers in the settings menu





+1 - but provided nothing about horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel is sacrificed to accommodate this feature.


+1 yes please

Steinberg make it happen.

it’d be very useful.