VERTIGO STRINGS audio rendering issue.


I’m trying to render Vertigo Strings to audio in Cubase Pro.
It sure doesn’t seem to like it!

I’m recording changes to the channels within Vertigo on the track. When rendered, the recorded automated fades on the channels within Vertigo aren’t recognised. The changes are recorded to the audio track, but it ‘jumps’ to the changes and ignores their fades.

Also, the rendered audio is distorted with crackles.

Any advice on this?



I’ve been trying a number of things to overcome this.

Duplicating the track, giving the different Vertigo tracks fixed settings, then fading the tracks between each other instead of changing the settings within VERTIGO STRINGS is one thing I’ve tried.

However, even when doing that, rendering to audio is the big issue. The rendered audio is distorted and full of small crackles. It’s not my system, as rendering other VST tracks to audio is working perfectly.

Unless anyone can suggest a solution, it appears that VERTIGO is pointless as a VST instrument for a final audio track. It may be great played live, but that appears to be it’s limit. At least, that’s what I’m finding.