Verve a semitone to high

Hi All
Have just got Verve working…very nice!
However I am trying to match the tuning with my guitar (tuned using a guitar tuner).
Verve is still one semitone to high.
I adjusted the ‘Master tune’ in Verve as low as it goes (415Hz) but it still too high.

What am I missing?

Which patch in Verve are you using?
Are you sure it is not your guitar? Can you counter-check by using another VSTi parallel to HSSE/Verve?


Make sure your Audio Devices Sample Rate matches the Project’s Sample Rate. Most probably one is 44.1 and the other one 48kHz.


Thankyou for replying.

Martin you where spot on :slight_smile:

Now I have to reset the Master tune in Verve and I cant remember what that was!

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440 Hz. Try to Ctrl-click it. Mac is Cmd-click. This should reset it to its default value.


Thanks Johnny :slight_smile:

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