Verve overloading CPU

I just loaded Cubase 12 mostly for the Verve piano in Halion. It is overloading the cpu quickly with only a minimal amount of input. The sustain pedal seems to keep building cpu load. Quite dissapointing as I was very interested in this instrument.
Not a massively powerful desktop I have but it has been stable and able to handle all of my needs including multiple vst instruments including omnisphere in many projects.
My issue with Verve is occuring in a new project with only Halcion loaded.
Any help is greatly appreciated
Dell Intel i7 920 @ 2.67 6g RAM 2- 1 TB ssd’s Windows 10 Dedicated audio

That is a very old pc. I still have one like that and it’s nearly 15 years old which I let my son use now.
I did a few things that didn’t cost much to speed it up. I replaced the cpu with a 960 for £30 of eBay and also got more memory for a similar price so it has 18gig. I also overclocked it from 3.2ghz to 4ghz. Even doing that does not make it anywhere near as fast as a my modern pc and it does run out of steam. I think 6gb of ram is probably too low and the 920 was the bottom cpu in the i7 range.

I suppose you may be right. It was doing a good job of everything I need but it is getting old. I used to layer a piano with a synth pad for the cinematic stuff but the Verve piano blew me away at how well it does that. I guess it may be the item that gets me computer shopping.
I was hoping maybe there was a setting I could tweak. : )

Are you using asio guard? That works well while record is not enabled on a track but if you mean when you’re trying to play via a keyboard then all I can think of is use larger asio buffers but latency will suffer. Have you done all the windows tweaks?