Verve Piano issue

I recently installed Nuendo-12, which came with Halion Sonic 7 and the new Verve piano instrument which also now appears in Halion Sonic SE 3.5. - but not in Halion-6. Confusing or what! That is really all fine with me, but when I try to launch earlier versions of Nuendo (N7 or N11) a message appears stating that Verve Presets can not be loaded due to a licensing issue. Given that Verve only runs in Halion versions why does this error message appear in Nuendo-7 and Nuendo-11 ?

I’ve looked in the Download Assistant and Activation Manager but can not see what I can do to overcome this problem.

Hi C hris , did you look in the ‘Updates/vst’s’ in the SDA , i think there was an update a few dates ago , i could be wrong but i seem to remember downloading it .

HALion 6 will not see Verve because your Verve is licensed using Steinberg Licensing and HALion 6 has no Steinberg Licensing Support. You will need to upgrade to HALion 7 (or if you are an Absolute user, Absolute 6 to get HALion 7) to see Verve in HALion.

Your issues with Nuendo 7 and 11 are explained in the Help Center. Again, this is to do with Steinberg Licensing - Nuendo 7 and 11 are not Steinberg Licensing aware.

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Thanks for the reply David.
Nuendo-7 and -11 issues: I think that Steinberg are trying to do something to stop Verve messages appearing in pre-Nuendo12 versions. We shall see. I guess if I were to completely uninstall Verve the problem will go away. I’m actually unlikely to ever use it.

How can I completely uninstall Verve to stop these messages appearing when I launch Nuendo -7 and Nuendo -11 ?

Go to the Steinberg library manager , find verve in the list and uninstall

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Perfect. Thanks.