Very Annoying Bug on Cubase 8.0.30 (32 bit) GUI - Yosemite

Hello guys,

i’ve noticed a very annoying bug during my last recording sessions. I work on a Mac with 2 monitors, hdmi. I have an Intel hd 4000 video card.

For example, when i’m using a vst and I open its graphic interface, if close it the windows remains black. I’ve attached some pictures.

To make it disappear i have to click on another software (for example Google Chrome, which opens a full screen window) and then go back to Cubase. But very soon, this causes a Cubase crash. It’s very unstable.

Do you have any suggestion?

I tried to update to El Capitan, just to give it a try, and the bug remains so it’s not the operating system, i think.

I tried a new sound card and even a fresh Yosemite installation: nothing changes.

Thank you

here the pictures


please see my post here:

Kind regards,

thank you! The problem is that the almost all my plugins work at 32 bit

i will give it a try, grazie