Very annoying F3 behavior

Why is it when I hit F3 the mixconsole comes up showing… completely random bucket of channels? For example if I’m working with master buss, making changes there, go out of console and come back for further adjustments, when I click F3 mixconsole shows just some random channels. NEVER the last one I worked with. NEVER the master buss (it’s like it’s a taboo or something, I MUST scroll to masterbuss). It’s always scrolled a bit left, just showing some random channels. I can’t figure out what it’s thinking. Selecting a channel and going back and forth with F3 just brings up RANDOM channel list. Even if I select channel 55, it will show me channels 30-54 the next time I go there. Why?

Why is this programmed to be so godawful and illogical? Am I missing something? Can this be adjusted somewhere?

Read up about Visibility and Zones for channels in the MixConsole, in the manual. This will definitely help you.

Also, you can link MixConsole/Project page views in the Preferences, so that for example the highlighted track in one will be shown (scrolled to) in the other… This may also help you…

Thank you. I wish it’d be intuitive/intelligent by default and didn’t require RTFM to weed out stupid default behaviors like that.