Very Annoying Issue *Help!*

I just upgraded to Cubase 7 and have (for the most part) been loving it! Except for a rather persistent issue that keeps popping up and its pretty tough to explain, so hang in here while i attempt to explain it!

Ok so when writing music, I get this issue where when i try and playback part of the song (use the shortcut “1” button on the keypad to jump back to the beginning of your loop boundary and then hit the “spacebar” to start playback.) Now youd expect that all of the instruments in the lineup that are queued to play would produce sound…that does not happen. Randomly some instruments do not produce sound on the first note, but then come in on the second or third.

I originally thought that my boundary had not been placed back far enough to catch the start of the first note, but after some experimentation, I noticed if I repeatedly hit “1” and the “spacebar,” all instruments eventually started playing.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue? as it is VERY hard to explain haha. Please feel FREE to ask any questions to help fill the void of what I missed describing!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

try to set up a very short pre-roll on the transport, that should help in most cases. (i assume the initial notes really are on the downbeat, not shifted some clicks outside of the part boundary.)


I’m going to make a guess: the instruments that fail to play their first notes are all Steinberg VST3 VSTi’s.

Here’s how to fix it: Go into the Device Setup menu and disable ASIO Guard.

Wow on the dot. This fixed my problem. Thank you so much! Although I also had this problem with FabFilter Twin 2 and thought it was just a company VST issue, so its not just the Steinberg VSTi’s.

I appreciate it!