very attractive graphics in cubase 6!

yes. a lot nicer than cubase 5. especially the mixer which is a lot easier on the eyes.
and on my lcd monitors the fonts are very clear. looking forward to swithing over to 6 full time once i’ve tested for a couple of weeks.
i know there are some who say gui isn’t important, but as somebody who looks at cubase all day every day, i disagree…

Totally agree!
The wider colour markers in the inspector are helpful too… the whole GUI just has a slicker and more pro look to it now i think.


Yes Steinberg did a really good job with the UI on this version. (The mixer is much better!)


The new design makes the program feel more solid.

I like it!

Chris and all the Steinberg Staff must be smiling att the office. They have done a exellent job with cubase 6!
(and it feels great to write positive words about a product in this forum).

It’s all very nice, but for one blight…

…the channel types are no longer differentiated by colour. I hope Steinberg will re-think that one.

But yes, it generally looks sharp!

Loving the new GUI. Only thing I don’t like is the White arrange page. Much prefer grey personally, which you can get by tweaking display settings. However, this also makes the editors grey, which messes up the grid lines. I can live with that though. Top stuff!

I have to agree… i’ve always colour coded my groups the same as the instruments they’re for, just used to make identifying them a bit easier… minor niggle though.

But I think ‘The Elf’ is talking about the hard-coded colours (background to the fader) that used to denote group, FX, instrument Track, etc… The user could not change those.

And a +1 from me on this - some way of easier/quicker identification would be welcome (from looking at the screenshots only mind…)

I think you’re both correct.

I like to colour-tag my groups to match my source channels (e.g. bass tracks green, then the bass group channel green), but it was very helpful that the fader background colour kept me aware of whether I was dealing with a track or a group, for instance.

I’m working on a mix in C6 as a try-out and this is something that’s making things harder than they were in C5 - not a big deal, but just a niggle that seems completely unneccessary to my way of thinking.

I can’t help feeling it’s simply a mistake, rather than something Steinberg would deliberately change (there seems to be no advantage to removing the colour differentiation), but I’d love to know!

Sounds like one of Danny’s videos… yeah i have to agree with everything he said in it!
Seems like the GUI is starting to conform to yamaha’s corporate colour scheme… i have a little 16channel yamaha mixer here that i use for various things… the colour scheme is pretty much exactly the same now… the fader caps certainly are the same.

If I could change the fader cap colour to denote the channel type - now THAT would be something!

Yep +1!

that would be a great idea actually!.. just an extra ‘layer’ for better identification purposes… would be absolutely spot on for me then!

Now that’s a good idea and one that I think wouldn’t be too hard to implement in an update.

Yes agree 100% on that,

All in all a very nice upgrade indeed.


Chris? (crosses fingers…) :bulb: :question: :smiley:

Just found something useful RE: colour coding group and FX return channels… you can’t change them the same way as normal tracks BUT you CAN change them by holding ‘ctrl+left click’ over the coloured section of the mixer strip… also works for normal channels in the inspector pane too! :smiley:
you get the little popout colour selector bar similar to the old one!

But that’s not what I want. I still want to be able to colour code channels (e.g. orange for drums, green for bass…), but I’d like something to prompt me as to whether I’m dealing with a channel, group or FX channel.

It’s not a big deal, but I just don’t understand why Steinberg would actively remove something that was simply a useful aid to the eyes and doing no-one any harm. :confused:

Note: this is Pro Tools-like (!) :sunglasses:
C6 GUI = Love it!!!

Yep ProFools like …
After a few days with V6, this is a BIG problem !
Especially as the option that should help out, does not work as expected.
“use color for similar tracks” adds the same color to different channel types !!
:open_mouth: :astonished: :open_mouth:

We really need these colors back.
Make it an option, for those who like to fall asleep in front of their PC.

bye, Jan