Very Avid of Steinberg

I love how Steinberg caught on to Avid’s marketing plan. Have you loyal customers fork out over $200 every several months. I love the paid .5 updates! Great Customer Service! I also love how bugs are never resolved, and trivial new effects are added instead of working to make the software stable and reliable. And when there are stability and reliability improvements they are reserved only for the next new release. Great way to fight piracy! Nickel and dime your loyal customers. Although your customers are paying for the software to get the updates, but when new releases are so close together it makes Yamaha look money hungry. A new release every year is too much, and not cool. Every 2-3 years is fine, but twice the same year is not cool (6.5 was released in Feb of this year). Look how many people have jumped ship from Avid because of there mistreatment of their customers with their 10 release. I’m one of them.Don’t loose track of your customers by acting too much like Avid.

Honestly if Steinberg got rid of the god awful Dongle, I would have no problem throwing down money for the upgrade. Laptops are becoming great daw platforms, and usb ports are limited. I have three. Two for my babyface and one for the dongle, I would like to free one for a flash drive.

And if Steinberg grabbed Avid Disc Cache, that might be worth the price of the upgrade. but nothing looks good about this upgrade, it has cool gui and other trivial features. but is it more stable and reliable? Can I use this in a professional setting? or is this like fruity loops?

I don’t frequently reply to trolls, but here I am…

muzik1st, I feel you. You are angry. But let’s correct a couple things here. IF you paid for the 6.5 update, you pay $50 less for the 7.0 update than those updating from 6.0.

6.0 came out in January of 2011, so it’s been almost two years since the update, and if you bought the .5 update and consider the 7.0 pricing it still comes out to the same amount of money spent whether or not you did the .5 update.

As far as your assertion about Steinberg being like Avid, actually the exact opposite of what you predicted in your earlier post has happened. Steinberg has hired almost the entire Sibelius programming team.

If you buy every update that comes out it comes about USD 8.50 per month. I spend more than that on Netflix, and Cubase provides more fun and usefulness.

Why not get an external USB hub, or if you hate extra ‘danglies’ - an ExpressCard with USB ports?

Funny how those with seemingly years of Cubase usage and very low post counts and very large criticisms come out at new release time. And then are never seen again.
If Cubase was really that bad. Hm, if any DAW was that bad nobody would write to say how bad it was because nobody would use it. :mrgreen:

Funny how those with very high post counts and no links to their music come out at all times and post nonsense in every thread they can find. :wink:

Funny how brave people are behind a computer screen when in real life they’re meek little sheep. :wink: :wink:

He’s got a point though. It’s way to close too the 6.5 release,
since most sensible people wait a few months before updating/upgrading.

And educated guess is that quite a few people feel that they
are getting robbed, especially given the fact that we are still
waiting for an officially supported update to that release - a release which
is now already discontinued.

If Cubase want to make proper money they should put more effort
into promoting and develop their hardware and Instruments/plugs.

If I mention Halion or any of the soundcards/controllers to a non Cubase user
they often have no clue what I am talking about. With Yamaha onboard one
would have thought the possibilities were endless.

I concur. Cubase is awesome and continues to be awesome. Nobody’s forcing them to upgrade. If they can’t afford the upgrade move to Reaper, Sequel, Cubase Essential, or any cheaper DAW or find a way to make the $200 over the course of 2 years to pay for your upgrade every other year. Complaining about $200 bucks… I blow that kind of money regularly on a fun weekend of bar hopping… Hell if the upgrade was $500 I’d still get it. Maybe I’ll make it a practice to buy the new version every year and donate the old dongle and version to charity… Maybe we’d get a sensible user base… probably not…

…Great! I’m unemployed, but I have a Paypal account…so maybe that spare $300 you dont mind spending? :smiley:

Yo, I charge that kind of money per hour.

What gets to me personally, however, is this whole upgrade circus -

I’m interested in quality, not this senseless churning out of new, half-assed product.

(Steinberg is of course not unique in this, quite the contrary)

If shopping and upgrading your stuff every hour makes you happy, be my guest.

There’s that word again!!!

Surely if you are using Cubase in a “professional” setting the price is irrelevant?

Plus your examples are pure fantasy!

+1 :mrgreen:
The more post you have, the less music you make :mrgreen:

Don’t be stupid, cubase is here for 25+ years, do you realy believe a toy can last that long ? Due to collaborations, i’m used to most of the daws available on the market, but always come back to cubase for personnal taste : easy, fun to work with, reliable, and years ahead the competitors, imo.
By the way, the new chord track & variaudio stuff only is worth the update to cubase 7. Think of it : 2 years = 730 days. 200 usd / 730 = 0.27 a day… Not the big deal for a top notch daw.

Is this directed at all high post count members?

Sure glad society does not feel this way about the medical industry.

Life is too short.
If you have something new, do not wait.
Get it out ASAP.
Your old stuff will still work as well as it did the day before.


Yes, one pill to cure the left leg
another to smooth out the resulting side effect

of losing the right leg in the process.

Universal cure.

Wait a second; we’re now comparing/contrasting the computer industry (specifically, music-based software product releases) with the healthcare (medical) industry…? Crazy talk, for goodness sakes…! One is an item you can take or leave; the other deals with peoples very lives/well-being. And that’s understating things.

Comparing Steinberg to Avid? lol funny

God I wish some of you “OMG I’m getting ripped off” whiners were around when it cost a small fortune to even get into this game and how amazing it is that we get all this power in a few hundred dollar program. OP I would guess your a hobby guy and not a working pro so don’t upgrade, 6.5 is rock solid and will be relevant for a long time

Concerning the dongle: If you haven’t noticed the only current DAW that is not available on torrent is…you guessed it

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all

This is comical. I guess I will stop posting from now on so I am taken more seriously. Post count, what a line of BS.

To be completely honest, I find more BS comes from the low post count folks who throw the "professional " word around. To me it is obvious these folks don’t have a true understanding of what that word means, how taboo it is, and if they know that, they are poking a nest of bees waiting for a response that they can beat off to in the privacy of their bedroom studio! Now, go change your sheets, make the bed and work on music. That’s how us pofessiniallllls do it! :laughing: