very bad problem blue screen

I have a very bad problem on my Cubase 6 Elements. I use it in a laptop dedicated to music, so only Cubase and Halion sonic installed. O.S is windows 7. pc is i7 8 gb ram
The problem is: when I try to export my project, either midi or audio, pc blocked and blue screen… I’ve tried to delete Data application, but the problem was the same… I don’t know how to fix it… any ideas? I’ve intalled the system 2 months ago, I don’t want to reinstall all right now!


Most likely a device driver issue, check the .dmp files in C:\Windows\MiniDump\ with a minidump viewer to get some insight.

the only device is a tascam us 200 with regoular asio driver… have I to re-install it? it was working fine until last week…! thanks

usbport.sys what could be?

it seems to be the usb hub… I’ve disconnetted it and now c6 seems to work properly… if it was the real issue, can I replace the usb hub to work fine? I need it to use an usb mouse! It’s a Trust device with no drivers, just plug and play!


Interesting. Is the dongle also in this hub? That’s the only connection I see between Cubase export and the usb hub.

Did you install the right chipset drivers for you mobo?

Yes, dongle was in that hub… I will try to use the hub only for other device…
I haven’t installed any driver for the hub…!