Very bad support for Cubase Pro 8

I’m very disappointed and frustrated with your service guys!

I’ve sent an email for tech support on 7 Dec and have’t received a reply! I also posted in this forum and again nothing!!!

Can someone from Steinberg contact me please? I can’t list my email due to the forum policy. I either need issues resolved or a refund which would be even better. Very bad experience. I Should’ve went with Protools

Contact Steinberg through your MySteinberg account if you haven’t.

What issue are you having with Cubase anyway…?

Hi Romantique,

Actually I can’t contact Steinberg directly through the support. I’m located in Jordan where I don’t have a distributor! The nearest (listed name for Jordan) is in Duabi and I’ve sent to them before sending to the main info email for Steinberg with no reply either.

The issues are as below, (the email I’ve sent)

First Issue,

Since we do not have a distributor in Jordan, and the download was not possible for my location on Steiberg website , I’ve asked my friend from USA to purchase the product for me from Steinberg website in August/September 2015. I’ve seen other offers on which were cheaper, but were labelled USA retail. So I’ve decided to purchase the original product from its original website. However, I was surprised to receive a USA retail package! Not sure why would Steinberg decided to send the USA retail just because it was ordered from the USA.

Can I get a different licence since I’ve paid the full amount to purchase Cubase Pro 8?
What am I missing here with having a US retail product outside of the USA?

Second issue,

The USB-eLicenser has stopped working suddenly. It was working fine the night of 04 Dec 2015 and stopped working the next day. I’ve tried every single troubleshooting tip found with no luck.

I haven’t received any replies and I simply reached the conclusion that I just need a new Elicenser and I’ve order a couple to be on the safe side.
Now I can’t transfer the license from my old USB because simply it’s not working and I need to request a new activation code which puts me right where I began.

I haven’t been able to use Cubase for almost a month now and it’s new!! And I’m afraid I will keep facing such issues with no proper support.


So are you saying that you can’t create a My Steinberg account, or you do have an account but there is no support option in it?

Hi Raino,

I have a My Steiberg account but creating a support request is not an option. I’ve received a reply back today through email and hopefully we’ll get things sorted out.