Very Basic UR22 MkII questions

I have just purchased a UR22 MkII which I primarily intend to use for capturing vinyl recordings to digital. The documentation has confused me somewhat. I believe that each of the two input channels are mono only. This is not totally clear insofar as they will accept XLR which is usually balanced single channel, but they could also have one neutral and stereo on the live pins. The same is true of TRS though stereo is fairly common. Would two RCA/TS cables from my phono preamp to the UR22 make the most sense or should I aim to put stereo into one input?

I notice that the input impedance is different on input one versus input 2 (ignoring high-gain). Interfacing 2 stereo channels can be an issue with differing input impedance.

Thanks for any clarifications can provide.


I’m no expert but I think it’s like this:
You will need to use both inputs to capture Stereo - Input 1 for Left and input 2 for Right. Impedance of both will be the same unless you push the gain button for 2.
You may need to check your settings in whatever program you are using to make sure it is set for stereo/2 channel.
Remember that the headphone out jack can only monitor mono while recording via 1 and 2 but your recording will be stereo on playback.