Very bizzare beat problem in xml

Weirdest thing - I’m working on an xml score marimba part which originally had a half note Ab in the bass clef. Somehow or other there are not enough beats in the 2/4 bar to accommodate it, although it was fine in the original. Tried adding beats etc but nothing works. However, I can enter the half note on the treble clef and it fits, and even use the M button to move it down, but if I again try to add it as a half note to the bass clef it runs over into micro note values of rests that I can’t even figure out. What’s going on here?

I have encountered literally this exact same problem. I would wager that in your original file in the other notation program, you had some hidden notes, perhaps to provide more realistic playback. You need to delete those before you convert to XML.

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Dankreider, if added invisible notes were the case I did the original notation in sib7 a long time ago and I wouldn’t have thought of that, but may be worth checking in future.

I didn’t link to that thread to encourage you to search. I linked to that thread to encourage you to post actual projects if you want useful help.

Oh ok. In this case i don’t think the actual project would have mattered. The fix was to cut/paste the offending areas that were somehow metrically shifted to the right by an apparently small amount and repaste them in the proper spot. I assume the cause was related to some differences in the notation programs and I doubt there would be a cure all fix.