very complex cues, is this possible?

I came across this first violin part with a lot of multiple cueing and was wondering, wether Dorico could make it possible to get a similar result:

Hmm … Korngold sextet. I haven’t tried, and I don’t quite have the time today, but you could try with with ossias below and overlapping cues. But then, you would have to turn off ossias in the score which would be bad if you had other “real” ossias. Also, you can only have one ossia staff, but it could still work ok.

Certainly you could cue onto an ossia, so you could get pretty close to that result.

I’d really like to use an ossia line to create occasional cue lines for my string quartet parts. Is there a way to hide ossia lines from the score while leaving them in the part?

yes, there is! Layout options (cmd+shift+L / ctrl+shift+L) > Staves and systems > Show ossias. Make sure the right layout is selected in the left hand panel.

Amazing. Thank you!