Very frequent crashes related to positioning frames

I am trying to create a thematic index, trying to position the frame with properties or using the mouse results in a crash after a few adjustments.

The crashlog is too large for the forum software, so I am attaching a link to my Google drive.

Thanks for providing your crash logs, Scott. A couple of them appear to be deep in Qt, rather than in Dorico itself, and the stack doesn’t show anything obvious about what might be going on there. Only one of the crash dumps looks suspicious and as if there is something that we might be able to definitively fix, and that is the one that happened when you tried to use the “move bar to next system” feature (perhaps by typing its key command .).

If you can reproduce that problem at will, please attach the project and details of what you selected before you invoked the command, and we should be able to fix it. Thanks!

Thank you. I don’t suppose I should forward these to the QT people?

I will keep my eye out for anything else and definitely forward you anything. Thank you, as always, for the superb support.

No, unfortunately I don’t think the Qt developers would find them useful – unless we can provide them with complete and minimal projects that reproduce specific problems, they tend not to be particularly receptive to problem reports.