Very Frustrated

I recently bought a new sound card, a Steinberg UR824, my DAW was Cubase 5, which was the being of some problems. After buying the sound card and finding out it is best suited for Cubase 5.5 and above i Finally decided to start over and buy a new computer system. In place of the old PC I bought a Mac i5. The problem now is I get this message when trying to use my old dongle" elicense control can’t be installed on the computer. ATTENTION: There are still other applications which use the elicense control. Please quit all applications or restart the computer, then retry the installation process" All the the licenses are current, I don’t know where to go. My dongle is aBOUT 5 TO 6 YEARS OLd, is there a new dongle? I ordered a new version of Cubase 6.5 but that will not be here till next week.

The problem is not your dongle, neither there is a new one. Actually I can see my old Cubase SL 3 licences on a Mac.
Also the sound card shouldn´t be the problem, as the elicenser application runs very independently on that.

I´d try to install the elicenser software without a dongle connected and also Cubase closed, as the message you got suggests, that something is the elicencer program. If you have other programs using the eLicenser (like Arturia plugins for instance), they maybe shoudn´t run either.

This is just a guess, but I hope it helps.

All the best.


Try to install the latest driver of eLicenser. You can find it here.

Make sure, your Cubase (and other applications, which are using eLicenser) are really closed, when you are working with eLicenser Control Center application.

After installing of all updates, try to Repair Disk Permission from the Disk Utilities of Mac OS X.

Ok Thanks, I think I have already done most what was suggested. The only things on the licenser is Cubase, Halion, The Grand, now the UR 824. Can they be deactivated in the licenser?

Also note the the dongle, licenser still works fine on the PC.

Not a forum job really if you can’t solve it through the normal methods. Contact support. They’ll probably sort you in seconds. Check all open programs first though, even try in safe mode if a Mac has a safe mode.

Ok thanks, Who should I contact? Do you have the number? Thanks