Very glitchy audio

I am running an iPad mini first generation on ios 7.0.4. When I add about 12 audio tracks (no midi at all) the audio will quit out every five seconds. I have closed all other apps and restarted the device to no avail. Please help. It is almost unusable.

I am getting the exact same issue on an iPad mini, same iOS. I have all the proper settings, have cleaned out the trash, have roughly 32GB of free space, and weird things happen every 5 seconds.

That’s almost exactly the same issue I have. About every four bars there’s a glitch. I don’t know why Steinberg hasn’t resolved this. The interesting thing is I added 12 midi tracks and it worked fine. The 12 audio tracks are high quality samples and the CPU bar is only about halfway full. Steinberg, what can we do about this?

Glitchy audio also for me!!
ipad mini retina, 10GByte free, apogee jam connected, only 5 audio tracks recorded long 3 minutes and Cubasis starts to glitchy audio in recordind and playback too!!

Please fix this problem asap!


I’ve totally given up at this point. Can’t record more than 3 tracks. Tried everything. None of these issues happen in Garageband.

I know. Is Steinberg totally blind to the fact that for us their software is unusable, and we have to revert to Garageband? This is pretty annoying.

same here. iPad 3. too glitchy to use. Started off using Swoopster and Alchemy but it seems like there are little hiccups sometime with anything I’ve tried.

Same here ipad air :frowning:

Glitch rest every time in use and it’s not very often !