Very good sounding audio interface for mac Cubase ??

Hi !

So i am planning on selling my MOTU 2408 MKIII.
Just not happy enough with the soundquality.

So looking for a new audio interface, PCI card based, running very stable in Cubase 7.5 on mac OSX Mavericks.
Needs at least 1 stereo input and output and headphone output as well.

Anyone has some thoughts ??
I am thinking of some kind of RME interface but maybe you have other (better) tips ?

Thx in advance ! :smiley:


Focusrite Forte - USB! but great sounding!

For PCI, possibly Multiface II/HDSP PCI card, but I think you’d be really happy with an RME Babyface. RME still have the best drivers, period.

pcie based?

stereo analog i/o , adat i/o, aes/ebu, spdif, midi, and a seperate headphone output.
you can add
rme aio expansion boards if you need more inputs.

if you would own a “real” apple i would say:
Universal Audio Apollo twin solo…
i would love to own that thing,
it has 2 Preamps with something like Focusrite Liquid technology.
(they call it Unison, it simulates classic preamp models)

if you can get thunderbolt to work on your hackintosh i would try ua apollo twin


i recently bought a SPL Crimson.
This is the best sounding USB Interface i have heard so far!
Very good preamps, excellent converters, great feature set!
The drivers run nice and reliable on my MAC.
Very professional device. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Highly recommended.