Very happy Cubase 7 user

I know some have some problems, but I thought it would be nice to leave a positive thread on how happy I am with Cubase 7. Great features, love the new mixer, and the new effects like tube and tape effects are nice. i also like the option provided when you import your song to a 2 bus, to have it open the 2 bus in Wavelab once complete.

I like it a lot. In fact it is a work of art :slight_smile:

Pressing G or H keys to horizontally scale always fixes any issue of hidden channels so it is workable for me.

The larger font would look great on a large monitor, so I’m hoping it either stays or a choice on font size is given.

Come to think of it, is there anywhere in the program that font size can be changed?

+1 :smiley:

Best decision I made flipping to pc and c7.

Happy here too. I left Cubase for a bit and when I came back, I appreciated it more and was more competent with it.

I am with you guys…

I am getting just a little bit sick and tired about all those complaints about the mixer. Let me tell you something - for my eyesight the old mixer was crap! Even when using a big monitor I have to lean forward to point the mouse in the right position - very uncomfortable. For ME (and I explicitly say I am not talking for anyone else) thew new mixer is a huge improvement.

Is it perfect? No!
Is it usable? Yes!

After using Cubase 7 for a while, there is no way back to 6.5 for me. I do not have any graphical glitches anymore (I had some mixer resizing problems with 7.0.4, but they are all solved in 7.0.5 - and in 7.0.4 there was a simple and quick work-around). I can work smooth and fast. Yes - I noticed you have to use a few mouse clicks more in some occasions, but to be honest - it does not slows me down and I do not have the feeling it is damaging in any way…

I use several DAW’s (mostly because I have to use what is on location), but I can tell every DAW has his shortcomings and advances. For me Cubase 7 is a good all-rounder that I can rely on. It seldom crashes, and when it does it is always a misbehaving plugin. Just remove the plugin, and it is rock-steady again.

Sure - Cubase 7 can (and will) be improved, but -for me- it is far from the nightmarish picture some people are sketching here. Sometimes I even wonder if those people are using the same program as I am using.

Anyway - an happy Cubase 7 user here.


Despite the few shortcomings of 7, I am completely satisfied with Cubase. Sure there are some features I wish would be implemented, but they’re just conveniences for the most part, nothing that can’t already be done with a little extra work (VST bounce in-place mainly).

Respect for Steinberg and their beautiful software (Cubase 7 + Halion 5).

A new user here.
It’s working really well for me. Very stable with NO crashes in over a month.

I only open C6.5 now for older projects started in either C6 or C6.5.

6.5.5 works brilliantly on XP, and will remain on my older rig until Windows EOL.

I’m very happy with 7.0.5. Minor occasional glitches of a graphical nature are not really a hindrance to my work.

I’ve used Cubase since it was Cubit on the Atari ST. Then when 90’s came, I switched to mac and continued to work on Apple machines until 2008. Then I realized that Windows was mature enough for serious work (yeah, it might seem odd to you, but actually Vista 64 worked very well, unlike its x86 sibling…) and it would allow me to use a 64-bit DAW with lots of memory, at a time when OSX was still stuck in 32-bit land.

Unfortunately, Cubase version 5 was a huge disappointment (either mac or pc) and 64-bit only came with a late update and it was largely broken. Which is why until version 6 came along, I basically used Sonar for all my work. It was the only DAW that actually worked flawlessly (well, almost…) in 64 bit. Then came the X1 disaster, which considerably soured me on Cakewalk. Meanwhile Cubase 6 was getting better and better, until 6.5, which was incredibly strong and stable. That’s when Sonar went on the back burner and Cubase became my main DAW again.

I was very happy with 6.5, but the new mixer intrigued me enough to try 7.0, even though I wouldn’t have uninstalled 6.5 for all the gold in the world (actually, still on my computer…) 7.0 through 7.0.3 definitely had some issues, which is why I only used them with new projects, still handling the old ones with 6.5, especially after hearing horror stories from some people involving migrating a 6.5 project to 7.0.

7.0.4 was the first stable version for me, but it still had some minor annoying glitches that 7.0.5 fixed. Now waiting for the “definitive” version 7, which will likely be 7.5. I’m fully aware though that as soon as I hail it as the “flawless” version (as far as a DAW can be flawless…), Steinberg will announce version 8. And then the whole cycle starts again…

C’est la vie. :cry:

I’m also quite happy with Cubase 7. Ofcourse, it has glitches, but all my Cubase Installations had glitches.

Thank god, I’m a (pretty good) System Administrator and I’m able to find why certain things aren’t working. And I’m able to fix most stuff or find workaround easily.

Also, I’m able to quite quickly adopt new changes and the mixers was a little weird at first, but once I got to know it… I love it!!!

I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but to me, Cubase 7 is really great!

C’mon! Cubase rocks and you know it

I’m very happy too.

Best Regards

Another happy user here. Apart from the outstanding font issues on the Mac I’ve no complaints and have had no crashes with 7.0.5. It took a while to get used to the new mixer, but the C6.5 mixer seems very limited when I go back to it.

I’m happy too. Maybe not as happy as some on this thread but I’m in C7 to stay. Not looking for another DAW and not going back to C6.x. That pretty much tells the story.

I just purchased one of those new 21:9 aspect ratio monitors. IMHO, the new mixer really wants to be on one wide monitor. This has made a huge difference for me. YMMV.

Also, I’ve had no issues opening C6.x projects in C7. I backed them up in a safe place first of course. Now I’m in the final stages of a cd project and I’m doing all the final mixes in C7, even though all songs were originally tracked in C6.x. No technical problems so far.

Im blown away with Cubase 7 and HALion 5 together
:smiley: It’s all I been using …


yep its a killer combo.