Very happy with Noteperformer in Dorico

I shared work this awhile ago in a response to one of konradh’s wonderful compositions, but have since re-worked it using the latest iteration of Noteperformer’s NPPE engine and the Synchron Prime library. Noteperformer’s sounds are quite good, and I’ve used Synchron’s Dorico playback template in other works, but the Prime library works so much better in Dorico, I think, when used with the new NPPE Prime engine. I’m very pleased with the way it sounds and plays back- especially considering that my laptop only has a Ryzen 5 2.10Ghz processor and 32g of RAM.


so “Synchron prime” is something different from “Synchronized”?

I have the latter and have had trouble making it sound in any way decent. (probably why I’m mostly sticking to NotePerformer’s sounds)

very sarcastic bat you got there! hehehe.
the ending has a nice science-fictiony overture feel to it.

yes, they are completely different libraries. Synchronized Special Edition is based on the original SE and Synchron Prime is a new library with actually fewer instruments and articulations, though some prefer it. When testing Synchron Prime with NPPE (I downloaded the trial – I don’t own that library), I wasn’t overwhelmed either though it is efficient with system resources. There are a number of other NPPE libraries though which in general sound much better than NP natively. When I say better, I mean in terms of the instruments sounding something like the real thing as well as being much more emotionally expressive (which of course some don’t want…)

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Synchron Prime is a subset of the Synchron libraries, that were recorded in recent years. The Synchronized libraries, on the other hand, are based on VSL’s original 20 years old samples.


ahhh, thank-you.

Thanks! Yes, the Synchron Prime library I use is not the “Synchron-ized” library.
Synchron Prime sounds great, and as you can seem from my PC specs, is easy on resources, too. They include a Dorico playback template with Prime, and I’ve used it, but using it with the new NPPE engine takes it to a new level.

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ouch, I just went to their website… they are a BIT out of my price range.

VSL always has something on sale, and once in a while Synchron Prime is included. It might be a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter if you want to burn some money :smiling_imp:.

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It was too much :moneybag: fir me, too. I think I got it at a sale price, but it was still a lot of money for me. However, the results I get are well worth it. I compose primarily for publication - so its important to me to provide as realistic-sounding demos of my works as I can. Noteperformer sounds are good, but not nearly as good as Synchron Prime with NPPE, in my opinion… It is unfortunate that libraries are so expensive; I understand why, of course, but still, financially, it hurts.:smirk:

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Yea VSL is very pricey compared to the competition and their ecosystem of crossgrades, upgrades etc. across all of their many products is very confusing, almost deliberately so. It’s really kind of a mess and I don’t like their business tactics, but they do make some good products.

VSL Synchron Prime is great - if you get some VSL vouchers while the vouchers are still on sale (ends tomorrow), you could use them to get Synchron Prime the next time it goes on sale. For every four vouchers, you pay for 3 and get one free, so buying four 50 euro vouchers you only pay 150 euro. So a good way to get it is to buy quantity 8 of the 50 euro vouchers, which gives you 400 euro total in vouchers, and you only pay 300 euro for that, and wait for Synchron Prime to go on sale (the sale price is usually around 425 to 475 Euro).

VSL Synchron-ized Special Edition as people say is much older, I have it too but don’t use it for very much except auxiliary percussion (ex. if I need two vibraphones or whatever).