Very Important to let us disable the loop function at the top of the ruler.

So many have complained about this since it was introduced, and for a very good reason. I’ve been using it constantly every day since it came out in whatever version a few years ago and I still enable loop by accident very often, as does anyone from other DAWs who uses Cubase here. Please, please, please let the us, as an option, make the top of the ruler not turn the pointer into loop enable/disable – cumulatively it adds a lot of wasted mousing every day. It really does get in the way for many in its current form.

Simply make it an option in preferences. Done, and everyone is happy.

Thank you!


This has driven me crazy for a LONG TIME. And I wish they would let us disable it. Such a stupid feature

+1. Shouldn’t be so complicated to add a preference to enable/disable this feature.

+1!!! I would enjoy using Cubase a whole lot more if this issue was addressed. Though I’m well aware of the function, I still sometimes mistakenly enable loop when trying to do something else. At this point whenever it happens it triggers an anger response which removes me from creative zone.

Of note: this request goes all the way back to when it was first introduced into the program. This thread came from the now locked Cubase 8 forum:

It’s maximum 10 minutes for the developer to turn it into an option in preferences (if the code is tidy, I mean)

+1… i don’t know why Steinberg devs can’t just out this on preference…


+1 !!!

would save me a lot of annoyance!


Steinberg, most of us (if not all) turn loop on and off with a key command. I never use the mouse on the ruler to turn it on and off. Most of the time it turns on by mistake when I click on the ruler to set the play pointer location. Then I have to hit the key command to turn the loop off (it’s much easier and faster than trying to doing it by clicking it on the ruler again). And this happens several times a day. Please put this option into Preferences!

Thank you, dear and kind Steinberg team!

can i add my whole hearted support to this feature request and echo all that has been said here. just an option to disable it please!


+1 in 9.5 also… this has been one of my biggest time wasters so far.


I hated this in Logic Pro X, and was disappointed when Cubase followed suit. Please remove or make this feature optional.

+1 again.
This time for the CB version 10 series feature requests…

Regards :sunglasses:

+1 vor every version

+1 I have never clicked up there on purpose to turn loop on in my life, I use the actual loop button BUT several times per day I click it by accident when zooming in and out or moving the transport around.

My present control surface has a button to enable and disable loop so I can quickly hit it but my new control surface which I am about to install will have no such button so I will look silly in front of clients when clicking loop all the time by mistake.