Very important workflow improvements that are needed.

Because of the GUI on Mac issue I’ve gone back to PT for all new projects until it’s fixed. What I’ve noticed is that there are a few very significant workflow issues in Cubase that make PT noticeably faster, which really need to be fixed/improved in Cubase. These are NOT features, but rather workflow issues. These things can easily end up adding a lot of time very quickly when you have super tight deadlines and fast turnarounds for large-sized scoring projects like I do in my work. Here some of the major ones:

  1. When you drag a track or an event up and down in the Project window you can’t go super fast when you drag it past the very top and bottom of the window. In PT (and Reaper and all other DAWs I’ve tried), when you drag a track up or down past the top or bottom edges of the project window it scrolls extremely fast, which is absolutely essential when you have large projects. My scoring template has, for example, close to 500 tracks total, and moving tracks up and down by large amounts is incredibly and painfully slow. By contrast, dragging an event to the right all the way (but not left - aarggghhh!!!) does what it should do - it goes into super fast scrolling mode.

  2. Not being able to stop loading a project. I bet we’ve all accidentally opened a wrong version of a large project that we didn’t mean to, for instance, and then have to sit there while it loads up, then quit and re-load the correct project (which is especially fun when clients are in the room waiting – when you have a video game score with huge amounts of different large cues and versions, it’s not hard to imagine that this can quite easily happen).

  3. Loading up very large projects back-to-back will often crash Cubase. It slows workflow down by a very large amount. I’ve had clients ask me why I have to quit and then re-open Cubase to open up different cues/sessions/versions. I’ve tried this on four other completely different Cubase systems (one on Windows) just to see if it was my system and saw that it’s the same on the others. No other DAW I’ve used or tried does this.

  4. If you accidentally hit an automation line on an Audio or Group or Aux or Instrument track in the Project Window that is NOT automated (i.e. has no written automation on it yet), it will snap to that new value…then when you undo the mistake it will not return to where it was, so you have no idea what the original setting was. This happens easily because the automation lines can be very faint when they aren’t active. Really, really bad.

These aren’t things to deny or say they don’t matter to anyone – they do to me and I know to many others. Cubase is a fantastic piece of software, I’m not denying that at all! And it could also use some significant work on basic workflow issues like these…I hope this happens extremely soon.

This. All the time!

I hoped mixer history would get over this but it doesn’t.

+1. I’ve always wondered why this rather obvious need has been overlooked.

Every. Single. One.

This is extremely scary.

These are all really good points.

What’s with the clickbait topic titles as of late?

This is really important: Top 4 workflow improvements in Cubase. #3 will shock you!

Have you put them in the feature Requests and Suggestions List?
Might have more luck there.


Haha - noted. :wink:

Yes, all of these!

Good gawd, this stuff is really starting to kill me. You really notice the difference when you’re on another DAW like PT in my case, and are working on multiple cues/projects every day.

Please Steinberg – let’s get this basic stuff in hand ASAP.