Very large Cubase 12 Project Files (Sampler Track?)

I noticed that my Cubase 12 project files are quite large then my older cubase projects files. I’ve been working on a very small project, however the project files are in the vicinity of 1.3 gb per project file version. I use both audio files as well as virtual instruments (Native instruments and slate drums)

Is this normal or is it a bug in v12. Would appreciate your feedback as my project folders are getting big really fast.

Thanks in advance.


Are you using Spectralayers? If so, Have a search in that category for similar thing

Thanks for the reply Steve.

I do not use spectralayers in the project. I use the sampler track in the project though, but it is the sample stuff that I’ve been using in earlier CB versions.

Thanks again!


Just wondering if anyone else has bumped this issue? I have a project that runs at about 7 Mb but after loading Sampletank 4, using two of the C7 pianos the project has shot up to around 20 Mb.

If I add in an instance of Sampletank with no instruments the project size stays around the same. I wouldn’t have thought the instruments would make THAT much difference to the Cubase project size, but it seems it does. Any thoughts?