Very long Cubase startup and shutdown


in recent days, I’ve experienced unusually long Cubase startup and shutdown time. When starting up, it gets stuck for about 2 minutes on “Initializing: Global settings”. I don’t remember doing something very different than I normally do. No new VSTs or nothing, just usual daily work and it happens after shutting down even an empty project. Does anyone have an idea where could I be looking for a solution? Thank you.

Did you already delete your preferences or start up in safe mode?

By deleting preferences you mean to open preferences and click Defaults? Yes. Then I deleted all XMLs in “Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 9_64” folder. If safe mode is starting Cubase up while holding Ctrl+Alt+Shift, then I just tried that and the problem persists. :-\

then it’s probably driver related, did anything change in your system?

It started few days ago and in last few weeks I didn’t update nor GPU or Audio or any other driver, as far as I know. I’m trying to completely reinstall Cubase right now… Looking into history of updates on my PC, I see I installed few Melda Productions free VSTs, yes, so I’m uninstalling that too now. Last relevant system update was 24/07/2017 and that was NVIDIA driver. But that is far before the problem began.

EDIT: Just finished the full reinstall of Cubase and its components and it seems to work now. Though I don’t have a clue why. :confused: