Very loud noise coming out of master when enabling/disabling window resizing of Kontakt

I just purchased Cubase Pro 12 yesterday and installed the latest version (Cubase 12.0.52) on Windows 11 64-bit.
I own Kontakt 6 (6.7.1) which I regularly use for my music. however when enabling or disabling the “allow window resizing” option for it, a SUPER loud noise ends up coming out of master, first time it happened it probably could have caused me actual audio damage to my ears if i was wearing my headphones, this is an actual big issue
the loud noise continues until i restart cubase, from there things go back to normal

my audio interface is a focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen if it helps, and i’m using the official focusrite ASIO drivers

Hello SeleDreams and welcome to the forum,

I have had similar experiences.
Never found a solution other than not to re-size the Kontakt player.
Question is: who is the culprit? Native Instruments or Steinberg?

I would say that this is a Cubase bug in this case, since Cubase is the one responsible for closing and reloading the plugin properly

Maybe, but Steinberg could argue that the NI plugins are not made ‘up to standard VST specification’
Anyhow, I confirm this problem and it is worth making a bug report.