Very Low Flux capacity.

I thought that N8.2 now has everything that Cubase9.5 has, so should I have the new Flux wavetable synth somewhere?

I can’t see it in Halion Sonic SE 3, or anywhere else for that matter.

You have to update your eLicenser Control Center database. This can be done from the software itself by clicking Maintenance, or you can just download the latest eLCC from here:

Thanks Steve,

I’ve done that, but now what? Flux is still not showing anywhere.

BTW, I’ve only just received notification of your post today (the 9th June) - eight days after the event! - weird.

You need to load it inside Halion Sonic SE

I still do not have Flux in HS SE 3 !

Where is it?
How do I get it?

According to the N8.2 release notes: 'Flux, a new synthesizer based on wavetable synthesis, has been added to HALion Sonic SE 3. ’

I have the latest version of HSSE3, although it only appears to contain the ‘All’ inst. set, Alto Glockenspiel, HS SE Basic and HSO.
I have run the ‘Maintenance’ option in the eLicenser.
I have paid for N8 and can run the latest version.
I have also searched this forum for an answer.

What now?


I’ve now tried uninstalling/reinstalling N8 and rescanning the drive in HSSE, but Flux still does not show up.

Where the heck is it?

When Steinberg state that something is included in an update it should, at the very least, be there!

I had not heard of this so I went to look, it showed up for me. I loaded Halion Sonic SE as an instrument track; when it loaded it was set to Halion Sonic SE Artist (orange bar right above “category” and “sub category”). I clicked on that and Flux is available. I’m spelling it out because it was not obvious, apologies if you already knew all that. john

Bro, so sorry…looks like you are all fluxed up!

(We all know somebody had to do that)

Thanks for your input.

Yes, I followed this exactly and FLUX was definitely not there.

Since then I have found out that FLUX was first supplied with Nuendo8.2.0 and I was only running N8.1.10.

So I updated to N8.2.0 - Still no FLUX
So I updated to N8.3.10 - Still no FLUX
So I updated to N8.3.15 - Still no FLUX
So I updated to N8.3.20 - Still no FLUX

I’ve had it - I don’t care any more (it probably wasn’t worth it anyway).

A complete FLUX-up of the first order.

Hi Chris, I note that N10 blurb does not show Flux as a part of the content set. I have it, I have a few machines here but it’s only available on one of the machines that has both N8 and CB10 Pro on it, as its a feature of the CB10 Pro bundle.

Another machine with N8 and Halion 6 full, does not have Flux available as a part of the standard package. Hadn’t really come into my radar until I saw your thread. I note ‘Dog and Pony’ has CB 9.5 in their sig, maybe they have both CB9.5 and N8 on the same machine. ‘Oliver’ provided a link to CB 9.5 demo vid, again not sure if its relevant.

Where can I locate the info you mentioned that says Nuendo 8 comes with Flux, I’ve done s quick Google search and can’t find anything.

Also, are you seeing it in the library manager. Download the latest version, an extremely useful tool for organising library location

It is in the N8 Version history pdf. In the 8.2 section.