Very MINOR annoyance.......

I have a VERY MINOR annoyance, and maybe it needs to be fixed or maybe I need an explanation of why it does what it does to understand what I am doing to cause the issue.

There are some places where hitting the ‘return/enter’ key is desirable and everything works. Then they are times when I hit the ‘return/enter’ key and I get the nasty “ugh” sound from the OS, while still accepting the input.

The case in point, is rehearsal mark sequence. Under the properties panel, I change the ‘index’ value to the new number/letter I need, I press ‘return/enter’ and I get the awful MacOS grunting beep. The sound that says you did something wrong, or the operation is not accepted (same as trying to save a file where there has been no change). (Alert Sound)

Then there are other times that hitting ‘return/enter’ does not create that terrible sound.

Maybe it has been years of using programs that did not work as well, so I was a allowed to get away with a lot more than I should have. But sometimes I find this to be annoying, as I feel I did something wrong or not applicable in the situation. Only to be dismayed that it did in fact take my input.

Is there a way to maybe have this explained as to why sometimes there is a nasty beep (OS Alert Sound), and other times not. Or if there is not a clear answer, can this be a suggestion for the future to remove whatever error is causing that sound?


I wonder, do you have ‘Full keyboard access’ enabled in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences? I don’t have it switched on, and I’m not troubled by these additional alert sounds.

Where would find this?


Found it… this is what I have.


I’ll change that! Thank you!


Well, it still makes the noise.


I can confirm that, for example, when adding cue notes. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select bars
  2. Type Shift-U
  3. Enter part of instrument name
  4. Use arrow keys to select an instrument
  5. Press Return/Enter

I’ve attached a screen recording demonstrating it. (601 KB)

We certainly know it happens in the popovers that have auto-completion.

I wrote something about it last week, when inputting unicode codes in a text frame. Each keystroke makes my mac beep. But at the end of the code, the characters is added (when the font has it).