very naughty question for uad users!

Okay, got your attention

I read upon that studer plug in, and I am almost to the point to upgrade my uad1 for a uad 2 just for this.

From what I understand is that you can reduce dynamics with 6 dB’s without any artifacts, because of the tape saturation. This is academic for me because there is no real tape saturation, but they sell it as if it is.

Besides that, they advertise a punchy low end, something I can not accompish spot on with my set up.

So is there a friendly soul who can give a good comment on this?

Mr D :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that plugin is a bit new for any response yet.

Not being able to achive a good low end on your system could be a number of things!

Probably none of which could be cured by a plugin!!! well none that I’ve come across yet…

I would always start at the room acoustics/monitoring first and work my way back.

There is a little trick I use sometimes with the UAD Pultec, where you can boost and cut the 60Hz or 100Hz at the same time that can occasionally do some nice things to the bottom end without causing massive speaker displacement!!!

Side chaining the bass to kick can help with low punch too, you can run the bass a bit more without overpowering the kick (if you don’t already do this)

Anyway some of the mixes I’ve listened to of yours sound very good indeed :smiley:

Yes, the ‘pultec trick’ I use while mastering actually.

I didn’t want to post this in the UAD forum, I think that’s not really objective.
So I will post this in a while again I think.

Or I just do the upgrade, but I am still on Cubase 5, and I want to go to 6 but then I also have to go from XP to W7,
what to do…
Maybe I should work more and make less music, then I can afford more :smiley: , but then no time to play with it :unamused:

Thanks for the response Split!

C6 will run on XP as long as you update .net to V3.5 sp1 to get the elicence to work.

Not gonna happen hahaha.

I run a stable system sinds 2008, And I want to keep it that way. Aslong as Steinberg doesn’t fully and officially endorse Xp then no way I am going down that road.

So i’ll have to come up with some money, because next year my Quadcore XP system is a vintage studio set up.

Fair enough :smiley:

Just to add, I’ve got an XP system with C6 and in the immortal words of one of the mods… It Rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep it rocks, but is more memory-hungry and far less stable than C4 and C5 under 32bit winxp pro.
I am saving up for a new machine (6 core with 16 gig ram), a win7 64bit license and a new soundcard since my now aging Terratec does not have drivers beyond winxp

I have gone back to C5 for making music since I feel that I can not fully trust C6 under winxp.


I tried the Studer demo and all I could tell is it seemed to make a file/track a bit louder and slightly “fuller” in the mid-range. I didn’t buy it :laughing:

Well there are a lot of very good plugins worth twice there money that will sound only a bitt fuller and louder at a first glance. i would test it more deeper, see what happens with the dynamics on a proper meter, how elements mix into other elements when using the plug in. I am not advocating the plug in in no way, cause I cannot test it, I am on UAD 1.

If you test a car, you also don´t just run it for a mile on one dry strait road on a sunny day. :smiley:

Actually, as a long-time used car buyer and appraiser for a new car store, I’ve done exactly that thousands of times! :laughing:

You also make a completely wrong assumption if you think I just plugged it into one channel and listened for a bit

O I´m sorry, that was not my intention.

Unless you are sold on the UAD platform, I would spend my money elsewhere. But that’s me…

I got the Studer plugin a couple of weeks ago - I love it! For some reason it seems better suited on individual sources and groups, rather than sticking on the whole mix… I can verify that it does really glue things together and solidify the bottom end, especially drums and bass (I am producing vocal house + electro btw ) It is quite DSP-light as well.

UAD just released a second tape sim plugin, the Ampex ATR 102 - You should check that out too, it does amazing things when slapped across the whole mix.