Very New Here

I recently acquired a Zoom H4N. It has Cubase 6 LE. I have jumped through all the hoops to register the product, yet I still get a message box stating “Cubase LE 6 can be used without registration for another 30 days and the program can be started 298 more time(s). Register now free of charge…” Will this go away and not pop up once those thirty days are gone, or does this mean it has not been activated yet?. According to My Steinberg, I am registered and activated. Help?

This is totally a guess. But sometimes bundled software only works when the hardware it was bundled with is attached to the computer. Under any circumstances you can go MySteinberg and submit a support request.

No, Steinberg licenses don’t work like that.
If you open your eLCC control center, does it list any software licenses?

Could be an old elicencer that does not perform maintenance automatically like the newer ones? Download the latest version from and allow it to perform maintenance which should make it synch with MySteinberg. If you are on a recent version of Windows you may have to run it one “as administrator”